You & Your Team

One important strategy for crowdfunding success is building a good team—as crowdfunding studies have shown us that teams of four or more people raise more money. Yet, this also seems to be a huge stumbling block—capsulized in the frequent refrain, “But, Katelyn, I don’t have anyone to be on my team!”

As a success coach, I always want to respond with a big hug and reassurance, “Just look around you and it will be easier than you think!”

The first person on your team is, of course, you! (One down, three to go!)  Now take a look around you at the people in your life—your Mom, Dad, siblings, extended family, friends, coworkers, contacts from school, church, clubs and social media. Do you have a cousin who enjoys creating videos, or a best friend who knows all the ins and outs of every social media platform?

The members of your expert team may be hidden in plain sight—right there amidst the things you participate in every day. All you need to do is recognize this and ask!


headshot of Katelyn Heller customer service for The Local Crowd

Katelyn Heller

Author | TLC Success Coach

Adventure-seeking success coach who loves exploring Wyoming’s landscapes with my two fur babies.

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