What is the power of Love?

Humans have been talking and writing about love for a very long time. In fact, for some, love ranks right up there with gravity as a force that holds the universe together. With all that power and acclaim, I wonder why we don’t talk about it much in the context of business.
blue box with two quotes, one from John Lennon and one from Dr. Martin Luther King

Business seems to relegate love to the realm of the soft, the naive, and the sentimental. You don’t see strategic plans with sections documenting all the ways that love will be woven into the fabric of a business or a community. But should we?

What would happen if community leaders recognized love as a core ingredient of civic planning and economic development?

Coach Dabo Swinney says it was the power of love that brought Clemson the national college championship a few weeks ago—a statement that takes love out of the realm of the sentimental and makes it very practical. At The Local Crowd, we’ve been thinking that way since the beginning—and that’s why we built the TLC model as a catalyst to actionalize love within communities and as a gathering place for people to share their stories, their resources, their love for each other and their shared sense of place.

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