dinner plate full of food at table setting

“Thank you so much, you are very kind!”

Those simple words boosted my spirits and made me glad that I took the time to drop a dollar into the Bourbon Street trumpeter’s bucket. The lift he gave me reminded me of just how transformative gratitude can be. For example, I enjoy cooking up my CSA bounty and sharing containers of goodies with friends—especially one friend who receives them with extraordinary relish and delight. She sends me lots of “yum!” texts and photos of her place settings. Her gratitude lights a fire in me to step up my game—more recipes, more varieties, more giving!

Community-based crowdfunding creates opportunties for gratitude exchanges when people contribute funds, products, efforts, and outreach to a crowdfunding campaign. Exuberant appreciation from the campaign creators and community teams awakens the desire for more giving and it helps to build a culture rich in trust and social capital. These characteristics make up the strongest communities, ones that are better able to weather hardships, dream about and achieve big goals, and have more fun while doing it!

Check out this fun 90-second video with lots of stats about how gratitude is really good for you!
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