Community Mural Cottonwood AZ

Crowdfunding has a heart. It beats like a drum—ba dum, ba dum, ba dum. It calls us to community—to help each other, build each other up, raise each other’s barns.

Crowdfunding campaigns carry the heart of our stories out to the world—broadcasting our aspirations, visions and needs. Through crowdfunding we invite our community to help out and become part of the rhythm of connection. And that’s where the miracle begins. Scientific research tells us that an innate characteristic of being human is to find pleasure in helping others (see TED Talk below). That means that every time we give to a crowdfunding campaign the results are three fold: 1. we support a tangible project; 2. we connect with our community and 3: We open our hearts to joy. Pretty cool, huh?

Kim and I are always on the lookout for hearts. We found this one in Chicago while there for the 2019 Social Enterprise Alliance Summit.
Cottonwood Mural Detail
This is detail from the mural shown above that we found in Cottonwood AZ after attending the BALLE conference in Phoenix in 2015. When people get together, miracles happen. Yep!
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  1. Bill Huston
    Bill Huston says:

    Crowdfunding is a game changer of community-led economic development and building community around a shared vision is the first step in the process of community-led economic development.


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