The Fourth Sector in the Time of COVID

We know that the unjust and unsustainable systems of our past need to be reset, and now, more than ever, we are focused on envisioning and implementing new solutions — that create an economy and society that work for all.

Resilient Communities Are Rich in Social Capital

Resilience, of people and their places, is a survival muscle built stronger through the wealth of social capital–shared values made more robust by support, showing up and lending a hand to a neighbor to lift the entire neighborhood up. 

The Caring Economy: Exchanging Social Capital for Change

A local theater company providing thought-provoking art, a sustainable farm offering nutrition to their community while monitoring their impact on the environment, a coffee shop serving as a gathering space for marginalized populations to share stories and connect–these are all social enterprises, exchanging capital via sales as well as beliefs.

How to Gift Your Community TLC From Home

Today's circumstances insist that we reach for our digital tools instead of hammers, and we gather with our peers from a distance instead of around a wooden frame, but the formula for success is no different. Here are a few ways you can provide impactful support for the structures in need of bolstering in your community amid the economic effects of COVID-19: 

The Power of Community in Crisis

We have begun to watch the gathering spaces in our towns close their doors and lay off the familiar employees who we bought our lunch from, stood across from at the gym, bumped into at the library, or joined for afternoon tea. Our streets, once lined with signs of life, sit empty and quiet, while we all notice the uncomfortable gaps left in our world from these businesses. 

What’s your vision of a robust
social enterprise sector?

It's great to be in Chicago at the SEA Summit touring social enterprises, learning and meeting people doing The Great Work. Darius Ballinger kicked off the conference and encouraged us to approach our work from both the micro and macro…

A vision and an idea whose time has come

In the summer of 1997 I sat in a circle of woman who had come together to explore the intersection between leadership and womanhood. We spent time in silence on a Wyoming mountainside, and it was there that I saw a vision unfold of a world…