The Secret to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

graphic with various people giving reviews showing social proof

Social proof is relevant in marketing and an element that is critical to launching a successful crowdfunding campaign with a bang.


Digital platforms plug into our human desire to fall into pockets of like-minded people and benefit from the extensive perks of our specific community and building a successful crowdfunding campaign looks directly to this.  We look to our neighbors for trends, emotional responses, opinions, and guidance, mainly when we are unsure of what direction we want to fall. This assurance that our friends, family, and peers are making similar choices for a product, an opinion, a color for their new sweater, is called social proof

No different from any other facet of life, social proof is relevant in marketing and an element that is critical to launching a successful crowdfunding campaign with a bang. 

Imagine scrolling through campaigns and finding a product with zero raised funds, and then imagine finding a similar campaign with an active list of backers, local organization collaborations, and proof that the campaign host has put some skin in the game. 

Which campaign are you more likely to pull your wallet out for?

Crowdfunding data tells us that the most successful campaigns launch with 30% of their goal already funded, confirming for new faces that your project is well received.

You can establish these pre-launch funds by sending personal asks for early financial pledges from your peers, making your contribution, or perhaps looking to funds received in grants for the campaign project at hand.  

As you navigate the remainder of your campaign, keep the concept of social proof at the top of mind, and publish updates in your emails and social media posts that highlight the traction your project is making. Testimonials, behind the scenes content, and photos of loyal customers engaging with the product or service are great ways to create proof that you’re offering an opportunity that’s not only beneficial to you but to the greater, like-minded community you reside within as well. 

The Secret to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign: Social Proof

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