Stretching Your Funding Goal

Reaching your campaign goal is a reason to celebrate, because you’ve done all the right things, and, yay!, it worked! Yet, what happens when you reach your goal and you still have days or weeks left on your campaign? Use this as an opportunity to raise even more money by creating a stretch goal.


A stretch goal is a goal you activate once your campaign surpasses its initial funding goal. Plan for it well in advance. Just like a musician must be ready with an encore set before stepping on stage; you must be ready with your stretch goal long before you hit the launch button. Plan out how much you believe you can realistically raise above your initial goal — and how the new funds will be used. Announce the new goal with fanfare and tell everyone how the additional funds will amplify and improve your original project.


That’s what Relative Theatrics did— stretching their initial $9, 000 goal to $12,000, and ultimately raising $12,335!


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Katelyn Heller

Author | TLC Success Coach

Adventure-seeking success coach who loves exploring Wyoming’s landscapes with my two fur babies.

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