Serendipity Books & Antiques

shop owner of Serendipity Books holding an Open sign

Serendipity Books & Antiques in Evanston, Wyoming raised $6,000 with the help of 56 local supporters to replace damaged floors and update the service area of the community-loved store.


In 2015, Serendipity Books & Antiques and Evanston, WY Main Street worked with The Local Crowd to raise $6,000 to replace damaged flooring in the kitchen and service area of their store.

With the help of 56 generous, local supports they were able to harness the power of their community and successfully raise the funds to complete their project!

The store was so pleased with the commitments their community made to help raise funds for their new floor, that after the campaign they began donating the cash in their tip jars to local organizations as their way of saying “Thanks!”

In the photo below you can see the ladies of Serendipity gifting nearly $500 to a local Splash Pad project. Wow!

Local cafe owners holding money that they raised by crowdfunding


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