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Do you have an incredible project just waiting to happen — one that would strengthen your business, your community and the local economy — if only you had the funds to make it happen?

Is your project for a mission-based organization that addresses social and/or environmental issues?

Do you get excited about joining a movement that can make this work easier for you and others like you?

If you said yes to these questions…THANK YOU!

Thank you for being part of the emerging 4th Sector—the economic sector that uses the power of business to do good things for people and the planet.

Our mission is to help make your work less complicated, more productive and fun. That’s why we have embarked on a new research project in conjunction with the National Science Foundation that is designed to uncover the best ways to do just that. If you are in need of funds for your enterprise, we invite you to apply to be one of our crowdfunding companies. You will gain valuable information about social entrepreneurship and the crowdfunding process—plus, you will raise money, too!

There are some pretty amazing benefits when you join our summer cohort:

  • Be part of our entrepreneur learning group that is starting in mid August (date TBA). You’ll have an opportunity to share your project and get helpful feedback as you create all the various steps.
  • Platform fees (normally 5% of your total cash raised) will be waived for projects that meet a few simple goals.
  • Personalized coaching and feedback from our success coaches. We have experience with dozens of campaigns of all types and we can help get you the information you need to be successful.
  • Access to a peer learning group to help answer some of those trickier “I’m-in-the-weeds” kinds of questions.

To qualify to be a crowdfunding company, you must:

  • Be interested in raising $15,000 or less for your enterprise. Larger amounts can work, but talk to us about it before you apply.
  • Have a simple, achievable fundraising campaign that people will be excited about. It can be part of a bigger project, but it should have stand alone value.
  • Show how your campaign will create an economic benefit to your business as well as the community you serve.
  • How will the proposed project expand your customer base, deliver a better (or expanded) service or strengthen your existing business? How does this ultimately benefit others?
  • Submit your idea by July 27th, 2019.

Not ready to submit a project?

That’s ok!

We are holding a weekly learning session with live Q&A.

What: Online learning session with Q&A
When: Every Friday at 1 p.m. Mountain time / 3 p.m. Eastern
Why: Expand your network and raise money for your project!