Pre-Sale Rewards

In the last blog, I wrote about the four types of rewards, and now, I’d like to drill down a little deeper into each one—starting with Pre-Sale Rewards.


Pre-Sale Rewards are products and services offered by the campaign creator in exchange for contributions. These items are normally sold by the campaign creator’s company and are bundled in different ways to be distributed over time. For example, a bakery might offer a loaf of bread each month, a specialty food company could provide a yearlong subscription to culinary delights, or a meat producer might offer a membership in a sausage club.


Pre-Sales can also refer to advance sales of products that are not yet fully developed or produced—giving the contributor the opportunity to be the first to own something new, while also supporting a company’s product development. Authors, artists, musicians may use this form of reward to support their creative work—pre-sales of books, CDs, works of art, and attendance at performances.


Services can also be pre-sold — a pass for yoga classes, massages, a weekend at B&B, or home delivery service.


When it comes to pre-sale rewards, the opportunities are endless. Get your creative juices flowing and brainstorm ideas with your team for a fun, original and irresistible rewards!

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