As COVID-19 pushed dining, performances and other primarily indoor activities outdoors, placemaking has become a critical tool for transforming underutilized public spaces into safe gathering places. Think of the public spaces you live, work or travel by every day — parks, streets and other publicly owned spaces. Placemaking turns those public spaces into places that boost our health, happiness and well being.

True placemakers listen first. They ask questions and learn how people currently live, work and play in a space — and explore what needs or dreams individuals have for that space and their community.

Then, placemakers design spaces that build upon community assets, serve a diversity of needs, build social networks and forward multiple initiatives. Placemaking includes adding permanent or temporary elements such as seating, public art, gardens and crosswalks.

The Local Crowd invites communities to use our tool to listen and gather their community to support their placemaking efforts. Please stay connected to learn more!

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