Mid-Campaign Marketing: Keep Reaching!

Your Why is your Foundation

Use this time to rally around the next circle of supporters and continue implementing your marketing plan.


Mid-campaign is the time to rally around the next supporters referred by previous funders, or to methodically continue implementing your marketing plan. Most crowdfunding campaigns follow a predictable trajectory of initial success followed by a Valley of Death–the period of time immediately following the initial surge of interest that can feel a lot like a lull. Here are some ideas to keep your mid-campaign marketing moving forward:

  • Now is the time to reach out to a wider audience. Brainstorm with your team on where you can go next for support and the media channels to use to reach them.
  • Launch new rewards to build excitement around a different offering that your growing audience will be delighted to share.  
  • Update your early contributors about your campaign progress, new rewards and other news and ask them to share the campaign with their friends, workplace and connections on social media
  • Emphasize sharing on social media and direct emails with incentives like giveaways, discounts, or even unveiling a new reward
  • Create updated press releases and digital content for social media and newsletter lists featuring campaign updates, celebrating wins, and sharing what’s needed to move forward to reach your goals. 
  • Think about the affinity groups that may be interested in your work or who your team is connected with and reach out with information about your campaign.
Mid-Campaign Marketing: Keep Reaching!

We know that most crowdfunding campaigns experience a Valley of Death after the first week, and that continued focus on marketing and outreach allows for a steady climb up from that lull, making for an overall trajectory of crowdfunded success that looks a lot like a familiar zoo favorite!


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