Lighting the crowdfunding fire!

multiple lit candles in a dark room showing glowing light

I like candles—not only for their soft light and cozy ambience—but also for the way they illustrate the concept of sharing ideas. When one candle is lit — you can light another and another and another until a whole room of candles is lit. Humans are like that. When we light up, others around us light up, too. In crowdfunding, genuine, “lit-up” passion for your project can help to light up the whole community — one by one by one — like lighting all the candles in the room.

In addition, warming up the wick by lighting it for a few seconds and then extinguishing it makes it super ready to receive a new flame. Check out my cool slo-mo GIF and see how the flame literally jumps to light the unlit candle. This is like “warming up” your crowd by talking about your crowdfunding project and sharing updates well before the campaign actually begins. Then, when you push the launch button, your crowd is warm and ready to receive your light—and send you the support and funding you need!


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  1. Trey
    Trey says:

    Great illustration! It’s time to start planting seeds for some amazing projects in 2017! Let’s be the “light” in the world, spreading great ideas and energy within our communities!


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