Gratitude is the Cornerstone of Crowdfunding

The title of my blog today is a quote from TLC CEO Diane Sontum. She believes that the practice of gratitude can change the world—and I want to share a personal story of how it changed mine.

Every day during TLC team meetings, Diane asks us to share something we are grateful for. At first, I thought this was a little strange and I didn’t have much to say. But, I didn’t like coming up short, so I started to think about gratitude more, paying particular attention to the things I appreciate. Now, the practice has become part of my life and I scan my world every day through the lens of gratitude. I look for things that make me smile–and even when things challenge or upset me, I find something in the situation that I can appreciate.

One of the things I am grateful for about my job at TLC, and how it encourages gratitude to spill out in communities on so many levels. Campaign creators appreciate contributions, contributors appreciate the opportunity to support something they believe in, and residents appreciate being part of a caring community!


headshot of Katelyn Heller customer service for The Local Crowd

Katelyn Heller

Author | TLC Success Coach

Adventure-seeking success coach who loves exploring Wyoming’s landscapes with my two fur babies.

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