The Fourth Sector in the Time of COVID

We are focused on envisioning and implementing new solutions with the Fourth Sector—that create an economy and society that work for all.


We write to you today with open hearts—full of love, compassion, and care. We stand with those fighting for justice. We grieve for the loss of life and economic wellbeing caused by the COVID-19 crisis. We recognize that we are living through a time when the “reset button” has been pushed on our society—rebooting the way that we live our lives.

Institutions, practices, systems, beliefs, and values are all being challenged in huge ways, and in real-time. We know that the unjust and unsustainable systems of our past need to be reset, and now, more than ever, we are focused on envisioning and implementing new solutions—that create an economy and society that work for all.

This is the purpose of the Fourth Sector. We are excited about a new initiative organized by The Fourth Sector Group that envisions building “a better post-COVID-19 economy that leaves no one behind, overcomes the structural barriers to equality and transparency and puts purpose first so that our planet and society can thrive for generations to come.”

This is a multi-stakeholder effort that brings together fourth sector activists from all walks of life. Check out the COVID-19 Fourth Sector Response website and take special note of the “Action” tab. Respond to the call for involvement from government workers, policymakers, business leaders, investors, academics, media, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and citizens.

Di, Kim, Jessica, Amanda, Jen & Katelyn

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