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Part of The Local Crowd’s foundational purpose is to facilitate an economic system that is in harmony with environmental sustainability. This has inspired me to examine my own life, my impact on the environment, and ways I can make a difference. In the process, I have discovered some amazing products and companies, and I want to share this information will all of you!


Reducing waste: I recently started purchasing cleaning products from Grove Collaborative which has allowed me to reduce the amount of waste that I was previously producing.


Reusing: There are some incredible reusable items on the market that extend far beyond water bottles and shopping tote bags. Some of the items I often rave about are reusable sandwich bags from Stasher, as well as reusable q-tips, cotton rounds, and tissues from LastObject.


Recycling: Most of us throw cardboard boxes, newspapers, and plastics into those blue-lidded recycling bins; but did you know you can recycle clothing?! The brand For Days has a unique recycling program for used clothes! Communitywide composting provides a solution to food waste that is gaining traction in many areas—including White River Junction, VT, that conducted a TLC campaign to help make it happen—“Closing the Food Waste Loop.”


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Katelyn Heller

Author | TLC Success Coach

Adventure-seeking success coach who loves exploring Wyoming’s landscapes with my two fur babies.

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