Do You Know Your Funding Goal?

When looking at a crowdfunding campaign from the outside, we often view the funding goal as a random number that someone pulled out of a hat. But setting a funding goal is actually a very strategic decision that takes several steps to make.

Start by visualizing your project needs in three stages—what you need to make the project happen, what you want to make it better or more complete, and what you wish for to make it rocking awesome! Your actual campaign goal will probably be somewhere along the spectrum of all those dollar amounts, based on the size of your network.

How do you figure out the size of your network? Begin by taking an inventory of your contacts. Use a spreadsheet to jot down everyone you know—your friends, family, social media contacts, people on your mailing list—everyone. Once your network list is complete, check out our Mini Magic Campaign Calculator to determine the amount of money you can raise, and set your goal accordingly. Knowing that your goal is achievable will inspire you, motivate you, and build your confidence throughout your campaign.

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Katelyn Heller

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Adventure-seeking success coach who loves exploring Wyoming’s landscapes with my two fur babies.

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