Many Hands Make a Crowdfunding Team

With a deep knowledge of the powerful work you’re bringing to your community, you can confidently construct a successful crowdfunding team!


Just like the sports of our youth taught us, there is no “I” in your crowdfunding team.

The most successful crowdfunding campaigns are routinely built, not with one, but rather with many making a strong collaboration behind the scenes. A wide reach and balanced team are crucial in preparing a project to reach its most supportive and giving crowd before, during and after launch day.

Gathering a pool of partners with diverse skill sets and broad connections is a crucial and early step in the campaign building process. As you bring voices around the table, you expand your opportunity potential, dipping into the affinity groups of partners, opening up space for collaboration and building loyalty to your cause.

The temptation to charge forward alone is common among campaign hosts; however, the power of crowdfunding exists almost entirely in the many hands beyond your own that support, share and give within your crowd. Imagine the potency your project could gain with the power of a local book club sharing your news, the videography talents of a good friend or a handful of heartfelt personal asks for support from the businesses on your block.

As you begin to build your dream team in the early stages of your campaign, explore your relationships with customers, colleagues and friends. Jot down names of the folks who’ve supported you in your business, in your personal life and beyond. With a deep knowledge of the powerful work you’re bringing to your community, you can confidently reach far and wide, constructing a successful crowdfunding team for your work ahead.

Many Hands Make a Crowdfunding Team

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