Build Strong Connections with Your Community

Your crowdfunding campaign’s strategy must include time and effort dedicated to building connections with your community.

One of the fundamentals of successful crowdfunding is a high-quality connection with your community of potential supporters. Whether you’re staying in touch with thoughtful email notes, personalized thank yous, or quick conversations over coffee, your campaign’s strategy must include time and effort dedicated to the relationships at hand. 

Here are a few tools to streamline your connections and create dynamic and effective conversations with your crowd:

  • Social Media Scheduling Apps: Create a dynamic content marketing calendar and schedule your Facebook and Instagram posts across your social media channels with a scheduling app like Later or Hootesuite. Both businesses offer free versions of their tools and can help you drastically increase your productivity by batch creating your content and scheduling ahead of time.
  • Email Templates: Cut down on your email writing time by creating templates to copy, paste, and add personalized messaging to. Gmail users can save template emails with just a few simple steps detailed here, or you can create a folder of pre-written texts to keep nearby on your desktop when you’re sending your messages to your connections throughout your campaign.
  • Online Design Software: In digital communications, compelling visuals are as important as text, but graphic design isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Tools like Canva offer a free, intuitive platform with a diverse library of templates for graphics to add to your social media posts, email messages, or even print off as notes or flyers to pass out in your community.

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