The Local Crowd Bozeman

Bozeman, Montana

Our Vision

We are The Local Crowd Bozeman. We believe in connecting community-minded individuals with businesses, nonprofits, artists, and dreamers to crowdfund projects in a goal-oriented framework. Bozeman has a unique collaborative environment that exists at the convergence of outdoor adventure, high tech solutions, and the pioneer spirit. We fill a gap in funding, below the level of bank loans and venture funding, to empower self-starters looking to take the next step and improve Bozeman. Bozeman helping Bozeman, rooted in a crowdfunding platform and supported by local leaders and businesses. It’s as simple as that.

The Local Crowd Bozeman is run by Bozeman residents working at the Blackstone LaunchPad. Our platform is unique, Bozeman-specific, and independent. Our goal is a new pathway, rooted in Bozeman’s business and artistic communities, for early-stage artists and entrepreneurs; connecting like-minded people, inspiring the cross-pollination of ideas, and empowering individuals to own the trajectory of our community.

Bozeman’s Local Crowd is not just a crowdfunding website; it’s a network and a community. If you’re an entrepreneur, community organizer, or just interested in seeing our town thrive, connect with us below and be a voice in your community. We love forming new partnerships and introducing our friends’. If you have a startup idea, you’re a fledgling business, or you want to crowdfund a community-based project or art installation—look at the criteria below, and if your idea is a match, connect with your community sponsors.

Platform Mission:  Our mission is to provide a crowdfunding platform for everyone across our the diverse Bozeman community to use for sharing ideas and empowering each other’s interests in ways that strengthen Bozeman’s economy and quality of life.

Campaign Criteria:  The following criteria must be met in order for a project to be posted on the Bozeman crowdfunding platform:

  • The project is located in the Gallatin County area.
  • The project proposes a measurable benefit to the local economy and/or improvement to the quality of life in Gallatin County.
  • The project does not propose any illegal activities and would not be considered malicious or hateful toward any individual or group.

If your project meets these criteria go to the Campaign Guidelines page to choose an endorser to assist you through the campaign process and to ensure that all guidelines for a project are met.

What are you waiting for? Come join the crowd!

Campaign Guidelines

In order to encourage the greatest chance of success the idea submission and the ensuing campaign creation requires meeting (phone, web, or in person) with an “endorser” who will ensure that guidelines are in place for your project and then will serve as your mentor, as needed, through the campaign process and beyond.

Before an idea is submitted please be ready to share the following with the endorser:

  • Overall strategy to implement project and the end result
  • How your project will benefit the community
  • How much money is needed and how it will be utilized – there is an initial limit of $15,000

Endorsers and contact information: Choose one today and get started!

Jared Thompson:

Connor Harbison:

Submit An Idea

Submit an Idea

Do you have an idea for a great campaign? We want to hear from you! Use the button below to access our submission application.