Building the 4th Sector Like Community Art

painted bench next to brick fence and pine trees

The resulting flow of a community art project was not only fun, but it was also instructive—about how we need to work at building the 4th sector economy.


For Kim’s birthday a few weeks ago we decided to do a chair bombing. We took an old bench, painted it, and placed it in an alcove by our office. Our process was pretty unstructured—we brought tools, cans of leftover paints, an idea, and enthusiasm for working creatively together.

Building the 4th Sector Like Community Art

The resulting flow was not only fun, it was instructive—about how we need to work at pioneering the 4th sector economy. Why? Because we had no map and didn’t know exactly where we were going. We had to trust each other and allow the process to unfold. That doesn’t sound a lot like business planning—but it reminded me that as sector-building pioneers, we need to be open to exploring, experimenting, doing art, using available resources, and listening to the voices of our communities along the way. That’s how we will build something radically new and intrinsically beautiful.

Building the 4th Sector Like Community Art

bench painted blue with white waves

view of the Wyoming plains grass and trees with blue sky

Sit and See! Enjoy the view from out chair-bombed bench!

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