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Building the 4th Sector is
a little like community art.

For Kim's birthday a few weeks ago we decided to do a chair…
October 19, 2019/by Diane Sontum
Community Mural Cottonwood AZ

The Heart of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has a heart. It beats like a drum—ba dum,…
September 20, 2019/by Diane Sontum

What’s your vision of a robust
social enterprise sector?

It's great to be in Chicago at the SEA Summit touring social…
September 10, 2019/by Diane Sontum

A vision and an idea whose time has come

In the summer of 1997 I sat in a circle of woman who had come…
September 5, 2019/by Diane Sontum

Now is the time to crowdfund!

If you are a business or organization founded on the principle…
June 14, 2019/by Diane Sontum

Are you a social enterprise hero?
We want to meet you!

Crossing the Sydney Lanier Bridge on our way to Jekyll island…
May 24, 2019/by Diane Sontum

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

We love telling the story of how people use the TLC platform…
May 17, 2019/by Diane Sontum

What’s a Crowdfundie?

The Local Crowd won a Crowdfundie Award at the Global Crowdfunding…
November 19, 2017/by Diane Sontum

Demolishing the Gender Gap—One Crowdfund at a Time

What if we could put an end to the gender gap women entrepreneurs…
May 22, 2017/by Diane Sontum

The Valley of Death and the Two-Humped Camel

Most crowdfunding campaigns experience a Valley of Death—a…
April 27, 2017/by Diane Sontum

Can you do me a favor?

Did you know that asking for and returning favors is good for…
March 13, 2017/by Diane Sontum

Turnip Roots and Marketing Magic

Before I made this huge turnip into a yummy soup, I admired…
February 14, 2017/by Diane Sontum

What is the power of Love?

Humans have been talking and writing about love for a very…
January 27, 2017/by Diane Sontum

Is your team on fire?

Building a crowdfunding team is like building a fire. Lighting…
January 13, 2017/by Diane Sontum

A New Twist on Crowdfunding!

I attended the Business Alliance of Local Living Economies…
January 5, 2017/by Diane Sontum

Lighting the crowdfunding fire!

I like candles—not only for their soft light and cozy ambience—but…
November 30, 2016/by Diane Sontum

Asking is not begging—it’s connecting

Musician, artist and author Amanda Palmer wrote the book…
November 16, 2016/by Diane Sontum

The Transformative Power of Gratitude

"Thank you so much, you are very kind!"

Those simple words…
November 8, 2016/by Diane Sontum

Kale, Kohlrabi, Carrots and the Future of Crowdfunding

One of the best things about rural living is our close proximity…
October 28, 2016/by Diane Sontum

The Spirit of Crowdfunding

Ancient people holding hands—that's what we saw on the rock…
October 20, 2016/by Diane Sontum

Ana’s on Main Street

Today we have another successful campaign story to share with…
October 10, 2016/by Diane Sontum
Serendipity Books

Serendipity Books & Antiques

In 2015, Serendipity Books & Antiques and Evanston, WY…
October 10, 2016/by Diane Sontum