Supporting Vision for Black History Month

During Black History Month, we invite you to reflect with us on how crowdfunding can support more Black-owned businesses. The financial innovation firm RUNWAY has a powerful vision and approach to relationships that will serve as a starting point for our February reflections.

RUNWAY’s Vision

We envision a world where Black entrepreneurs thrive in a reimagined economy rooted in equity and justice.

RUNWAY’s Approach to Right Relationship

RUNWAY is guided by the principle that capital can be used to heal, repair, and connect Black businesses and the communities surrounding them. This principle informs all aspects of our organizational culture; from our lending and credit processes with our entrepreneurs, to the interpersonal working relationships within our team and with our partners. What makes us unique is the value we place on transformational relationships over transactional ones.

Our reflections will grow into practice here at The Local Crowd.  How can we help manifest RUNWAY’s vision in the work that we do?

One way is to hold up crowdfunding campaigns supporting Black-owned businesses.  The campaigns highlighted below are from FundBlackFounders, Rewards Crowdfunding for Black Entrepreneurs founded by Renee King.  Please take time to explore all the current and past campaigns on their platform.

Supporting Vision for Black History Month Supporting Vision for Black History Month Supporting Vision for Black History Month

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