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Rewards-Based Crowdfunding

There are five basic types of crowdfunding —donation-based, rewards-based, lending, equity and royalty. The Local Crowd platform fits into two categories —rewards and donations—because our contributors can receive rewards in exchange for contributing to a business project, or they can make a simple donation to a cause they support. The “rewards” space offers tons of […]

You & Your Team

One important strategy for crowdfunding success is building a good team—as crowdfunding studies have shown us that teams of four or more people raise more money. Yet, this also seems to be a huge stumbling block—capsulized in the frequent refrain, “But, Katelyn, I don’t have anyone to be on my team!” As a success coach, […]

Earth Day Everyday

Part of The Local Crowd’s foundational purpose is to facilitate an economic system that is in harmony with environmental sustainability. This has inspired me to examine my own life, my impact on the environment, and ways I can make a difference. In the process, I have discovered some amazing products and companies, and I want […]

Stretching Your Funding Goal

Reaching your campaign goal is a reason to celebrate, because you’ve done all the right things, and, yay!, it worked! Yet, what happens when you reach your goal and you still have days or weeks left on your campaign? Use this as an opportunity to raise even more money by creating a stretch goal.   […]

Do You Know Your Funding Goal?

When looking at a crowdfunding campaign from the outside, we often view the funding goal as a random number that someone pulled out of a hat. But setting a funding goal is actually a very strategic decision that takes several steps to make. Start by visualizing your project needs in three stages—what you need to […]

Finding the Why of Your Campaign

In our last blog we talked about how important it is for you to uncover the “Why” behind your crowdfunding campaign—why are you launching the campaign and why will people want to support you? Knowing your why means getting clear about the greater purpose of your business what makes you come alive, and how that […]