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Inspire Action with Your Content

A call to action (CTA) is a strategic part of marketing strategy that prompts your audience to take immediate action upon responding to the content you’re sharing on your social media feeds, press releases, digital content, or traditional advertising mediums. This small but mighty sentence is the workhorse of your content and ideally, you’ll include […]


6 Ideas for Irresistible Crowdfunding Campaign Rewards

A library of fun and useful rewards with offerings that intrigue a variety of lifestyles within your audience is an essential element of a crowdfunding campaign’s success. If you’re feeling stuck on where to look next for offerings that will delight your potential backers, here are six creative ideas for irresistible crowdfunding campaign rewards! Offer […]

Making the Ask: Many Times, Many Ways

Standing in front of our peers and sincerely asking for support is a necessity of crowdfunding that can leave even the most confident feeling vulnerable. However, the exchange of money, especially in support of purpose-driven goals, is a process rich in opportunity for both you and your supporters.