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Is your team on fire?

  Building a crowdfunding team is like building a fire. Lighting it starts with a big whoosh of energy and a fast burning flame. Then you watch it, worry it, and nurture it to make sure it doesn’t go out. Maybe you need to add more kindling, or move a few of the logs around so they can make […]

A New Twist on Crowdfunding!

I attended the Business Alliance of Local Living Economies (BALLE) Leadership Summit last month and was inspired by people who are doing important work for communities, economies, each other and the environment. During the event’s Idea Lab, I had exactly 60 seconds to share what TLC is doing, and our current call for new communities […]

Announcing an Opportunity for Rural Communities

December 10, 2016 — We are pleased to announce an opportunity for several U.S. rural communities to participate in a pilot study on the use of crowdfunding as an economic development tool. It is well known by economic development professionals that strong rural economies require strong entrepreneurs who can start businesses and create jobs. Supporting […]

Lighting the crowdfunding fire!

I like candles—not only for their soft light and cozy ambience—but also for the way they illustrate the concept of sharing ideas. When one candle is lit — you can light another and another and another until a whole room of candles is lit. Humans are like that. When we light up, others around us light up, too. […]

Asking is not begging—it’s connecting

Musician, artist and author Amanda Palmer wrote the book on asking, and she credits much of her knowhow to the experiences she had as a “living statue” and as a successful crowdfunder. Asking is a core skill required for crowdfunding, yet it does not come easy. Asking makes us feel vulnerable—we worry about what people will think (I’m needy, […]

The Transformative Power of Gratitude

Crowdfunding creates opportunities for transformative gratitude exchanges when people contribute funds, products, efforts, and outreach to a campaign. “Thank you so much, you are very kind!” Those simple words boosted my spirits and made me glad that I took the time to drop a dollar into the Bourbon Street trumpeter’s bucket. The lift he gave me reminded me […]

The Local Crowd Featured at CDFA National Summit

November 4, 2016 — The Local Crowd co-founders, Diane Wolverton and Kim Vincent  presented a workshop at the Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA) National Summit in New Orleans November 3. They showcased the The Local Crowd crowdfunding platform, which brings a locally-based crowdfunding tool to rural communities. The TLC model is designed for economic development groups […]

A New Normal: Crowdfunding

Communities are embracing a “new normal” of capital access and fundraising with crowdfunding. One of the best things about rural living is our close proximity to the source of local foods and the adventure of being part of a Community Supported Agriculture program. Kim and I have been part of the Grant Farms CSA for several years now, […]

The Spirit of Crowdfunding

People holding hands—that’s what we saw on the rock art at the Valley of Fire near Las Vegas. The spirit of crowdfunding carved in stone.   Ancient people holding hands—that’s what we saw on the rock art at the Valley of Fire near Las Vegas last week. Kim and I were in Vegas to attend the Global Crowdfunding Convention […]

Communities from Montana, Texas and Wisconsin Join Local Crowd

LARAMIE, Wyoming, October 17, 2016. The Local Crowd (https://www.thelocalcrowd.com), a locally-focused crowdfunding platform, has selected three rural communities to serve as Demonstration Sites for a USDA funded research project. The Local Crowd’s platform offers features and educational programs designed to help rural communities activate entrepreneurial ecosystems and spur local investment. The two-year USDA Small Business […]