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The Local Crowd Wins Crowdfundie Award

LARAMIE, November 20, 2017—The Local Crowd (TLC), a rewards-based crowdfunding platform, won a Crowdfundie Award presented at the Global Crowdfunding Conference in Las Vegas, last month. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to the crowdfunding industry. The Local Crowd is hosted by community economic development groups in 12 states, where Local residents have used the platform […]

What’s a Crowdfundie?

The Local Crowd won a Crowdfundie Award at the Global Crowdfunding Convention last month and we are delighted that TLC’s work has been recognized as significant to the crowdfunding industry. Thank you to our host communities—for having the courage, foresight and willingness to work hard to bring your citizens a new and unknown local crowdfunding tool. […]

The Valley of Death and the Two-Humped Camel

Most crowdfunding campaigns experience a Valley of Death—a trough of activity that follows the initial surge of interest and precedes the final rush to the finish line. Envision a two-humped camel. The first hump rises up as the campaign team reaches out to their network. Friends, contacts and family members contribute and begin to share […]

Four Rural Communities Selected to be Crowdfunding Demonstration Sites

The Local Crowd (https://www.thelocalcrowd.com), a locally-focused crowdfunding platform, has selected four rural communities to serve as Demonstration Sites for a USDA funded research project. The Local Crowd’s platform offers features and educational programs designed to help rural communities activate entrepreneurial ecosystems and spur local investment. The two-year USDA Small Business Innovation Research grant will support […]

Can you do me a favor?

Did you know that asking for and returning favors is good for your community? Indeed, research shows that favor exchange is one of the surest ways to build social capital. People enjoy helping each other, and when helping and reciprocating become part of a culture—magic happens. Communities bursting with social capital cooperate better, have more fun, […]

The Local Crowd Featured in Larta Institute Report

Larta Institute, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the commercialization of innovations, released their annual report this week. The report profiles the work of six of their portfolio companies including The Local Crowd. The Local Crowd founders have worked with Larta Institute consultants to develop commercialization plans and strategies as part of their Phase […]

Turnip Roots and Marketing Magic

Before I made this huge turnip into a yummy soup, I admired it—noticing the size of the bulb relative to that of the roots. Call me weird, but it made me think about crowdfunding marketing strategies and the synergy created by linking to different affinity groups. The big tap root is like the core network of the Campaign […]

What is the power of Love?

Humans have been talking and writing about love for a very long time. In fact, for some, love ranks right up there with gravity as a force that holds the universe together. With all that power and acclaim, I wonder why we don’t talk about it much in the context of business. Business seems to relegate love to […]