What’s a Crowdfundie?

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The Local Crowd won a Crowdfundie Award at the Global Crowdfunding Convention last month and we are delighted that TLC’s work has been recognized as significant to the crowdfunding industry.

Thank you to our host communities—for having the courage, foresight and willingness to work hard to bring your citizens a new and unknown local crowdfunding tool. We hope you will post The Crowdfundie 2017 badge on your website with pride!

Thank you to all the campaign creators who told their stories and dared to ask others to support them. Your courage, persistence and hard work made it happen—raising  $172,000 from 1709 supporters—and proving that local crowdfunding really does work.

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Thank you to our friends at Community Funded Enterprises for pioneering the vision of local crowdfunding and developing the technology specifically for that purpose.

Thank you to crowdfunding Diva and founder of the Global Crowdfunding Convention, Ruth Hedges, who recognized the power of the TLC model and watched us through the years, cheering us on and showing up time after time to share her vast knowledge at our webinars and classes.

Thank you to our business support system that provided resources and technical support—USDA, Wyoming SBDC, Wyoming Business Council, Wyoming Workforce Development, Wyoming SBIR/STIR Initiative, Megan Goetz at Pence and MacMillan, Cheryl Anderson, Keith Harrington, Amanda Jeffers, Mike Vanata, Jessica Brauer and Larta Institute.

The award belongs to ALL OF US—let us celebrate The Crowdfundie together!

Diane Wolverton, Ruth Hedges and Kim Vincent at the 2017 Global Crowdfunding Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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