A crowdfunding video that coverts, informs, entertains, and persuades potential backers and increases conversion rates by up to 80%.


Your video is the workhorse of your crowdfunding campaign, holding power to inform, entertain and persuade potential backers of your project. 

Strategic videography can intrigue and capture an audience in a short amount of time, quickly grasping their emotions with sight and sound, raising campaign conversation rates by up to eighty percent, making a crowdfunding video that converts.

When it comes to the physical creation of your content, quality over quantity is critical. 

Campaigns with videos under five minutes long are 25% more likely to be successful according to a crowdfunding study; however, others believe one to two minutes is ideal.

Whether recording with high-end equipment or your smartphone, prioritize a clear sound recording and crisp imagery, avoiding distracting background visuals or noise. Commonly, people believe that quality is synonymous with a steep expense, but rather, we can find excellence in extra attention to detail, without spending a dime.

Additionally, no different than relationship building offline within our lives, personality is key

Use your video’s script, graphics, and visual elements to show the emotional backbone of your campaign, whether that is free-spirited and fun or weighty and focused on problem-solving. 

As you begin to build your video content, focus careful attention toward crafting clear and concise crowdfunding video that holds your viewers’ attention and uses your unique story to compel them to pull the trigger on investing in your campaign!

Making a Crowdfunding Video That Converts

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We learn, connect and make choices every day through narrative structure, making your crowdfunding story a powerful part of your campaign.


From fantastical storybooks to nail-biting films, compelling novels to interesting podcasts, we engage with stories throughout our lives, which is why your unique crowdfunding story is impactful to your campaign’s success. 

It’s here, through the power of narrative, that we learn, connect and make choices every day, making it no coincidence that we can find the classic structure of our favorite stories in the marketing of the most powerful crowdfunding campaigns.

Think back to a favorite childhood tale and break it down into its simplest form through the lens of your project at hand. 

Once upon a time, there was a unique cast of characters living their lives in a setting somewhere–the physical, economic and emotional landscape of wherever your audience resides [their place].

Oh no! A problem exists among these people, a conflict that brings them frustration or grief of some kind, but as any fairy tale tells us, a hero is on the horizon [that’s you!] to bring a fantastic solution to the crowd. 

Much like a choose-your-own-adventure experience, now your audience has the power to pick what happens next. 

In a clear and concise call-to-action, they can support your valiant efforts in bringing peace to the crowd by backing financially, sharing and spreading the word. Now, with your dedicated group harnessing energies and their generous support, the credits can roll, leaving happily ever after as the natural next scene.

Writing Your Crowdfunding Story: Once Upon a Campaign

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