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Is Crowdfunding for You?

Thinking about raising money for your small business or non-profit?

Crowdfunding Education

Crowdfunding isn’t rocket science, but it is a science. Learn about proven methods to make your campaign a success.

Success Resources

Checklists, spreadsheets, workbooks, videos, coaching and more to guide a successful crowdfunding journey.

Online Contributions

Fast and easy online payments make contributing a breeze.

Keeping It Local

A crowdfunding ecosystem that supports the growth and sustainability of local businesses.


Crowdfunders are saying

The whole experience from planning, to rolling out, to finishing successfully in meeting our goal was valuable for us and allowed for people in our community to contribute in a positive way that they believe in. Crowdfunding is the perfect example of the ‘do what you can, where you are, with what you have’ mentality to create change.

Kat Wood
Mudita Massage and Wellness

TLC made it possible for us to embrace the idea of asking our community to support our cause and our project. They allowed us to consider the potential of a project completed and the real and immediate outcome for our business.

Marty Castriotta
Village Roots Permaculture

Having a local crowdfunding resource I think helps local groups be more effective in their campaigns, and provides examples of what effective campaigns look like. I see a lot of hastily thrown together campaigns on other platforms that never go anywhere.

Mark Florenz
Archway Farm

People have this false notion that if you do a crowdfunding campaign, all you have to do is setup the page and the funds will come. It’s not true. It is a job. It is work. To do the outreach and to entice people to give and to ask people to give, you have to actively ask. That’s what makes it successful.

Anne Mason
Relative Theatrics


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